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Waiting for Spring


Waiting for Spring, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Just the wind and me
Mesmerized by the cold sea
Winter’s lion roars
Across my defenseless skin
Here’s where my day shall begin

It’s the month of March
Wondering where is my starch
Must I yield to age
And less mental potency
Accepting my life blandly

Nay, I wait for spring
And the sweetness it shall bring
Birds’ songs fill the air
Captured by honeysuckle
Its embrace there is no lull

Lilacs oh so sweet
So tall that the sky they meet
Dancing in the wind
Send their scent over a mile
Bring on me a tender smile

The small whippoorwill
Each night on the windowsill
Will lull me to sleep
To dream of another day
Wishing spring to always stay