Favorite Photograph, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Favorite Photograph2

Favorite Photograph

Decades past it was trimmed to perfect size
To fit comfortably in my wallet
Treated as if a very special prize
A memory that I’ll never forget

Its edges once scissor sharp are now frail
Its glossy face now looks like crackled glass
Causing loss of some of the fine detail
Without reducing any of its class

We were two young lovers glued at the lips
Together every moment that we could
Then unexpectedly came the eclipse
Life seldom moves the way we think it should

So long ago, those days when we were young
Under the moonlight, the love songs we sung

My First Real Date, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My First Real Date

My First Real Date

There was a welcome mat beneath my feet
A gleaming bright brass knocker on the door
A calming place for visitors to greet
All the signs of being a safe harbor

Here I stand silent admitting defeat
Arms frozen in place unable to knock
Yet my blood is racing can feel the heat
And mouth so dry as if stuffed with a sock

I’m ready to turn and hurry away
When the door swings open to show her smile
I’m now a million pieces of dried clay
She laughed as she swept me into a pile

Thrilled and bewildered that evening was I
Especially when she kissed me goodbye

Kiss Me So Slowly, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Kiss Me So Slowly

The Rose Garden – Figure Study, Dante Gabriel Rossetti (c. 1861)

Kiss Me So Slowly

So eager am I for your touch
Yet desire that you do not rush
Be as gentle as you can be

Kiss me so softly
Kiss me so sweetly
Kiss me tenderly

Most importantly
Kiss me so slowly

Kiss me so slowly
Making it reach my hungry heart
And deeper to a lower part

Let your lips linger upon mine
Let me taste all of their sweetness
Let us not feel a sense of time
Let me wallow in their wetness

Kiss me so softly
Kiss me so sweetly
Kiss me tenderly

Most importantly
Kiss me so slowly

Eternal Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

With fingers nested in her silver hair
Staring into the depth of her green eyes
So clear, can see straight to her blazing heart
Sensing a pain that only love can bring

Coming closer placing my lips on hers
There is a dryness that should not exist
Most vital moisture they have been denied
The result of an endless stream of tears

Caressing her gently with weakened arms
My lips upon her ear whispering words
Today no different than years before
Not knowing if the final day is near

For us each night there is but one day less
But that shant diminish the love we share
Its great abundance makes the future clear
Time can set no boundaries over love

The Tender Kiss, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Tender KissImage manipulated by author

The Tender Kiss

She’s before me with impeccable smile
Her red lips softer than gossamer wings
Since touching their softness has been awhile
Just the sight of them pull at my heartstrings

With every inch moving closer to her
My heart pounds as if it’s a timpani
Each and every drop of blood starts to stir
Reaching intensity of a coulee

We are so close can feel the other’s heat
Our eyes now closing, creating darkness
Preparing for two pairs of lips to meet
An expression of love which is ceaseless

Weightlessness of touch our joined lips linger
We yield, I wish moment could be longer


A Gust of Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sargent JudithGautier_AGustofWind

A Gust of Wind, John Singer Sargent (1887)

A Gust of Wind, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

You stand against a cerulean sky.
Flying against you wishing I could stop.
Did you feel a kiss which I did apply?
An easy target standing on hilltop.

Is my solemn desire to have you stay.
To let me repeatedly come your way.
Next to make your summer hat go astray,
Your hair now free to touch it as I may.

Being with you is my greatest delight.
To whirl closely around you in my flight,
But will abstain for fear to cause you fright.
O to forev’r be with you is my plight.

For to ev’r stop I would fail to exist,
But would be happy for your lips I kissed.


Clandestine Affair, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Dahl Johan_Christian_Claussen_Dahl_-_En_sky_og_landskap_studie_av_måneskinn (1822)Johann Christian Dahl, A Cloud and Landscape Study by Moonlight (1822)

Clandestine Affair, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Above their heads the moon offered a smirk.
The fall wind an ugly message did send.
Assured are they in their clandestine work,
Sliding closer and closer at each bend.

The language of love both very fluent.
As the solid oak door was opened wide,
Coats carelessly flung off in an instant.
Now for magical moments here inside.

Fireplace and they were about to compete.
Her head tossed back caught the glorious light,
Here on in actions will be indiscreet.
Thank heaven for this libidinous night.

In their completeness they sat by the fire,
After having consumed all their desire.