The Still Tree, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Still Tree

The Still Tree

The nearly level sea so deadly still
As is the tree before me has no will
My mindless thoughts too are still and weary
I study the tree my eyes get dreary

With my eyes wide opened you are not there
Closed them tightly at your beauty I stare
There is brightness but there’s no moon or sun
Standing before me you’re the only one

Why behind the barren tree do you stand
It’s wistfully in the infertile sand
The tree of life it was longing to be
Is it to be a tale of woe for me

Speak much louder so that you I may hear
Your deep silence is what I truly fear
Will the next time you come for me to see
It is I who will be just like this tree

My Sunshine, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My Sunshine

My Sunshine

You who bring my daily light
Hide behind a veil of gray
My great love wants you to stay
But disrobe to shine ev’r bright

Be sure being missed last night
There were none to keep me warm
Felt if in a winter storm
Saddened when you leave my sight

Grieving much as you take flight
A coolness starts setting in
For this debate I shant win
You’re never to feel my plight

Touch Me, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Touch Me

Touch Me

The full moon cast a perfect silhouette,
Of her standing motionless in deep thought.
This view of her for my heart was a threat,
A passionate love with her I besought.

Got ever so close but her I didn’t touch,
But close enough to feel her torrid heat.
Smoothness of her gentle curves are nonesuch,
From here I shall not make a step’s retreat.

Rushing feeling I didn’t anticipate,
As she reached back with her hand to touch me,
Creating a blood rush through the floodgate,
Commencing an adrenalized fury.

What is this power that she can command?
Is she herself an aphrodisiac?
Not so sure that I want to understand,
How she turns me into a maniac!

Come My Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my Love 2Dans le Lit, le Baiser, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1892)

Come My Love, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Let me feel the tenderness of your flesh
Where not a single word needs to be said

In a moment our worries we shall shed
I’m the vine to the tree eager to mesh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your fire into my heart I will embed
Kisses from your lips soon to give a rush
Where not a single word needs to be said

Into another world we shall now sled
A time for our passions to replenish
Come my love to the comfort of my bed

Your touch to be intoxicating med
Giving feelings not wanting to finish
Where not a single word needs to be said

Thoughts of you forever inside my head
Desiring your love always to be fresh
Come my love to the comfort of my bed
Where not a single word needs to be said

Heart of Snow, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Heart of SnowHeart of Snow, Edward Robert Hughes (1907)

Heart of Snow

Born to life as human from snow and ice
Of a mountain built on white purity
Never yielding to any mortal vice
That grows rampantly in any city

Here you are to be ever protected
You may as well been formed in simple brass
For how can your feelings be projected
When the high heat of desire comes to pass

Dire is your life for love you cannot feel
Your heart would rapidly turn to water
The moment you find your love is real
To this problem is there any answer

Created by man to place on the shelf
But in reality hurting them-self

Need You Near, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Need You NearMorning Sun, Harold Knight (1913)

Need You Near

Be it a day or a week we’re apart
There is such loneliness crushing my heart
Closing my eyes can see you standing there
But reaching out there is but only air

I need the tenderness of your soft touch
Your hand in mine in an eternal clutch
Walking together not knowing the end
Not faltering our pace when at a bend

Need the promise you to leave me never
Be it sunny days or dreary weather
For without your help I am not complete
And love for you I can never deplete

May be selfish to want you ever near
But the loss of you is my greater fear

Thoughts on Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Thoughts on LoveHer eyes are with her thoughts and they are far away,
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema(1897)

Thoughts on Love

Doth birth of love have a special season
I seek comforting warmth from love’s feeling
But being shunned I know not the reason
Thinking that I am not unappealing

Is it forces as the moon rules the sea
And changing winds control the ships of sail
How may I change forces I cannot see
To carve a path so that love may prevail

The Fates shall not control my destiny
For I wish to call on my own free will
Should love appear shall not hastily flee
Shall embrace it gently with fulsome thrill

But by the winds true love be blown my way
Without regret to the Fates I shall pray