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Yearning, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Within my lonely heart dessert winds burn.
Shifting sands with no refuge in my sight.
Thirsting, looking, but there is no cistern.
No warmth provided on this frigid night.

Gone are the nights when I needed no fire.
Your beauty provided needed repose.
Was your loving touch that quenched my desire.
Just your being close removed any woes.

Minus your love suffering deepest throes,
You are a life I can’t ever let go.
How I cherish the joy your love bestows,
Only you who can set my heart aglow.

Oh how I crave for your love to return,
For it is only you for whom I yearn.

The Moon I do not Know, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Moon I Do Not Know

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The Moon I Do Not Know

Oh Moon,
Look at what you have done
You’ve chased away my sun
Now I shall deeply mourn
Who’ll guide me through the day
Why’d you take her away

Oh Sun,
You who makes me feel warm
After an angry storm
You who makes me feel bright
With your magical light
Your kiss I warmly feel
Shows life to be real

Oh Love,
Once again you fail me
My heart is now empty
Your arrow hit her heart
And yet she did depart
Ice in my veins now flow
Warmth again shall not know



Summer Evening, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Summer EveningNordic summer evening, Richard Bergh (c.1899)

Summer Evening

This day is a gift, as they meet perchance
The sight of each other hearts leap for joy
Hoping this time there shall be a romance
O, fearful of a chance both may destroy

There is politeness at a safe distance
Each awkwardly fumbling for what to say
Looking to the still waters in a trance
Each wondering if they should walk away

“Isn’t this a beautiful day,” blurting out
Both in unison, followed by a laugh
Just may be the end of their verbal drought
They have cut their distance by more than half

Now inside one another’s comfort zone
One awaiting the other to bestirred
The absence of any words both bemoan
They smiled, parted without another word