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Her Hand II, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Her Hand II

Her hot hand deftly slides across my thigh
While limber fingers did a spider’s crawl
My heart reached a red rich blood cosmic high
Every inch of me she begins to maul

That she’s on a mission can’t be denied
Her broad defiant smile left me helpless
Unable to move even if I tried
To conquer my flesh she is relentless

By the spell of a black widow spider
Ever slowly I slide into my fate
Of a fully paralyzing rapture
There is no desire for it to abate

Next to my quiet steaming corpse she lies
Like a hunter in pictures with her prize

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Special Note:

Yesterday I presented a triolet and today a sonnet. Again I ask you choose between the two. Which is your favorite? Please comment which you chose and tell me why. Looking forward to your thoughts.