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You Are a Poem, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Love Letter (1904), Nina Hardy

You Are a Poem

You are a poem
One that is truly blithesome
Of a perfect form
With its words very pleasant
And placed to be so fragrant

Over and over
Words of love you do offer
Makes me warm inside
Putting a glow on my face
Not a single word I’ll waste

Your poem isn’t long
But the words are very strong
When talking of love
As if words are carved in stone
Not ever to be outgrown

When you are not near
In your poem you appear
How it makes me smile
Fingers float across the page
With you I am now engaged

Coming to the end
I reach for a dividend
To read it again
Every word I read out loud
With such force they’ll reach a cloud

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There’s No Greater Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

There’s No Greater Love

The beauty of your smile let me ingest
Let it wallow ever deep within me
As to put my feelings softly at rest.

Speak those velvety words I love to hear
Ones that draw me ever closer to you
As they flow rhythmically in my ear.

Caress me gently at your warming breast
That my heart may float so effortlessly
While I offer to you my next request.

Let us make love under the many stars,
Our passion greater than Venus and Mars.

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Man and Woman, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Man and Woman

Oh let me look deeply into your eyes
So I can see the fullness of your soul
Will it match the happiness of your guise
Or is there darkness that’s taken control

To be without you is my greatest fear
Life to be an ocean of emptiness
My feelings for you not a mere veneer
For it is you who gives me completeness

Not my intent to be super selfish
It is you whom I wish the very best
Your internal strife I wish to banish
For your steady peace I shall never rest

It is my love for you that drives me so
Confide in me to help make your heart glow

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The Souvenir, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Souvenir

I carve his name into this silent tree
With the hope it would give up its secret
Cut it deep to reveal his love of me
Knowing well the answer I may regret

My flesh to him I did capitulate
To show my feelings are ever so strong
Desiring my future not left to fate
While praying what I ceded was not wrong

What I gave to him cannot be undone
Nor shall I choose a life of misery
For love isn’t a game that needs to be won
Or falling to ones knees making thy plea

The tree is now bleeding with its answer
I smile tasting the sweetness of amber

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Love Is Like, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Niagara Falls*

Love Is Like

Love is like a wild waterfall
And louder than a lion’s roar.
Into your heart fast to install.
Love is like a wild waterfall
That makes you over ten feet tall
With wings that to heaven you’ll soar.
Love is like a wild waterfall
And louder than a lion’s roar.