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To Whom Shall We Listen

To Whom Shall We Listen,

a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The emotion love in the heart resides
While in the human mind resides its soul
Each so different on how it decides
One against the other seeking control

One or the other attempts to cajole
For humans there will be no choosing sides
If we try certainly it’ll take its toll
Excruciating feelings it provides

Confrontations continues ’til one dies
From the agony there be no parole
Some temporary relief when one cries
As all emotions begin to unroll

Frequently impetuous is the heart
Failing to listen from the very start

Unsettled Heart

Unsettled Heart, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Like a moth to fire,
I’m drawn to you with desire,
Ever completely.
Neither food nor drink wanted,
Only love to be hoarded.

A strength or weakness,
I’m unable to confess.
As it’s not known why,
To you, powerfully drawn,
As dew to the sun each morn.

You are floating on air,
With rich gold dust in your hair.
A magnetic smile,
Without effort does excite,
While your bright eyes do invite.

Surely there is more,
If given time to explore.
Branded in my mind,
A feeling that will not part.
The cause of an aching heart!

You are Gravity and My Anchor, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

You are Gravity and My Anchor

Gravity keeps the world in firm order,
As you have accomplished with precious love.
If not for you I would surely falter,
As your strength is my ever glowing dove.

You guide me softly where I need to be,
For on many issues you are so right.
Though hard to concede when I disagree,
More and more now yielding to your insight.

There’s a multitude of sorrows I hold,
But there is one that I most grieve over.
Times your mind I attempted to control,
Not realizing you were the anchor.

Today there is something I’d love to give,
But I cannot give what I never had.
Instead request you willingly forgive,
Knowing my love of you is ironclad.

High Above, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

High Above

In our embrace there’s no earth beneath us
The stormy clouds that were have gone away
Our warm feelings which abound are ageless
Be night or day together we shall stay

There is love music only we can hear
We dance moving tenderly in the air
A vision of love we hold ever near
Captured within each other’s eyes we stare

To our emotions we willingly yield
Flowery scent of love my lips can taste
Moving higher our passions are unsealed
Of this intimate moment we’ll not haste

In this vacuum floating far above
Totally absorbed in our precious love

There’s No Greater Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

There’s No Greater Love

The beauty of your smile let me ingest
Let it wallow ever deep within me
As to put my feelings softly at rest.

Speak those velvety words I love to hear
Ones that draw me ever closer to you
As they flow rhythmically in my ear.

Caress me gently at your warming breast
That my heart may float so effortlessly
While I offer to you my next request.

Let us make love under the many stars,
Our passion greater than Venus and Mars.

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