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Walter Ernest Webster, Rhapsody (c.1930)

Rhapsody, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

From the near piano the strokes of keys
Are footsteps to days distantly gone by
Each goes deeper into my memories
To resist the intrusion I don’t try

The song brings on a soft melancholy
A smile but yet there is a hurt inside
Those thoughts always to be a part of me
Not erased no matter how hard I tried

To soon did our love reach a crescendo
Parting ways to destinations unknown
In our eager youth little did we know
Ageing we took on a different tone

Thinking deeply how my life would have been
The song has stopped with me wearing a grin

Veiled Memory, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Veiled Memory

This soft black leather chair in which I sit,
Will jettison me to my days gone by.
With heavy eyes my mind begins to roam,
Not ever certain where it will take me.

Over several years recently past,
I am seeing memories through a veil,
Like my grandmother’s favorite curtains,
Aged by the sun and not perfectly pure.

In the crowd of faces some are obscured.
Not sure of who or when, faintly confused.
Then there are those who are frozen in time.
Through remaining years they will surely stay.

The longer I think the lower I sink,
Into dreams that are fully distorted,
Or are they but my confused memories,
Because the curtain is getting darker.

There will come a time, never knowing when
The translucent curtain will be a drape,
The day when my long past will not matter.
It shall be what the future will provide.

Ephemerality, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Wispy cirrus clouds of height whisking by,
While countless diamonds dance on the water,
And swallows do somersaults in the sky.
Like children there is a constant banter.
Sitting in the cool comfort of the shade,
Quiet as a lion stalking its prey,
I wait for the fawns and does to invade,
To drink the water, but long they’ll not stay.
The wonders of this day soon to depart,
To return only as a memory,
Bringing subtle warmth to my beating heart.
Tis my wish these memories never flee.

The Weight of Lies, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The Weight of Lies

I understand when looking in her eyes
The misery of her internal pain
A dreadful weight on my heart as she cries

Her grieving heart aches with every sunrise
Through her wakened day drags an endless chain
I understand when looking in her eyes

Each link equal to one of many lies
On her troubled heart they’ve placed such a strain
A dreadful weight on my heart as she cries

Can’t forget no matter how hard she tries
Memories so difficult to refrain
I understand when looking in her eyes

It comes to me without any surprise
That such a person from love should abstain
A dreadful weight on my heart as she cries

It was my lies which caused our goodbyes
For my pathetic self I hold disdain
I understand when looking in her eyes
A dreadful weight on my heart as she cries

By the Window, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

By the WindowInger by the Window, Edvard Munch (1892)

By the Window

Breathe deeply so you can hear it enter.
Soft invigorating wind on its way.
A mixture of sweet grass and salt water,
Twisting and turning, dancing a ballet.

Precious in scent as it comes in but May,
With calm winds coming off the bright blue sea,
And the frolicking grass yet become hay.
Come quickly! From this window we must flee.

Naked toes shall mix in the grass and sand.
Collecting shells as proof of memories.
Now slowly walking back with hand in hand,
With enormous grins each other’s we squeeze.

Oh, the simply joys we visit in life
Giving us special moments from its strife.