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The Joys of the Past

The Joys of the Past, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

The joys of the past,
I reckoned they’d always last.
Loving memories!
Beginning vividly strong,
Thinking how could I be wrong.

Thoughts like grains of sand,
Passing slowly through the hand.
Lost without intent!
Falling not making a sound,
Never again to be found.

At the airplane’s gate,
For no cause I hesitate.
If frozen in time!
The first thought that comes to mind,
What it is I’ve left behind.

All logic has ceased,
Confused is to say the least.
No understanding!
Just my imagination,
Of desired expectation.

Plane is in the sky,
With regret it is goodbye.
Without seeing you!
Thought friendship not to end,
Am I wrong my dearest friend?