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Swooning Because of You

Swooning Because of You, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Those steaming magical moments with you
Daring was I for one who was so shy
Such a gentleman to help tie your shoe
Just a scheme to feel your soft inner thigh

But of course by seeing your grin I knew
You had a touch of devil in your eye
Eager was I to see the full menu
Ending with special requests you’ll comply

Like a Boy Scout rubbing two wooden sticks
Made a roaring fire to last through the night
Choosing ala carte provides many picks
There was tasty delight in every bite

With these torrid thoughts I begin to swoon
Remembering yesterday afternoon

Passion in the Stars

Passion in the Stars, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My breath stolen by what is before me
Twirling like a prima ballerina
So every part of her I’m able see
Sending my heart to the upper strata

With a devilish smile moving ever
So close. To her eager embrace I’m drawn
With wild loose passion. Oh how I want her
Smothering in her dress of blue chiffon

My heart quickens with head between her breasts
Held helpless by the flowers of the field
In her spell my every thought she arrests
This fiery desire cannot be concealed

Her apple she places upon my lips
While I feel heated passion from her hips