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Woman in an Armchair, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Woman in an ArmchairWoman in an Armchair, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1874)

Woman in an Armchair

Emerald eyes darting from the armchair
With strong resolute not to give an inch
Obvious hers not a casual stare
Holding her steady refusing to flinch

Arms stiffly crossed as if they were sabers
Head cocked showing her pistol is loaded
Ready to attack like barroom brawlers
Flowery words she hears makes her acrid

Might try to forgive if were words of truth
But what she fears is more duplicity
She does not need be the world’s greatest sleuth
To grasp the result of this travesty

A woman can always trust her own nose
Scent of another on her lover’s clothes

Dancing with the Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Pierre-Auguste Renior, La balançoire (1876)


Dancing with the Wind, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Dance with me and be carried by the wind.
In our embrace to go where we’ve not been.
Performing movements so undisciplined.
Wonderful, I love the feel of your skin.

Together so timed, perfect unison.
How you giggle in a near endless spin.
Your green eyes so big after being spun.
Wonderful, I love the feel of your skin.

Notice that our feet never touch the ground.
Soft winds making sounds of a violin.
Oh the magic of those heavenly sounds.
Wonderful, I love the feel of your skin.

Hoping that this dancing will nev’r be through.
Wonderful, love being in love with you.