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You Intoxicate Me

John William Alexander, Repose (1895)

You Intoxicate Me, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Let me drink the sweetness of your beauty
Let me breathe fully the air you exhale
Let me feel the heat of your excitement
Let my tongue collect the salt on your skin

You are a volcano that quakes my earth
You are the nightmare that keeps me awake
You are the sun so bright must close my eyes
You are the moon that makes the waves of love

Great fear captures me when you are not near
Held by disquiet unable to breathe
As if downing in an ocean of tears
Twisting and turning alone in my bed

May there never again be such a night
Where I’m not held by your romantic scent
As your soft silken hair falls upon mine
And your dark deep eyes intoxicate me