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Ludus and Eros, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Ludus and ErosLa Dame au pantin et à l’éventail, Félicien Rops (1873)

Ludus and Eros

With such joy you toyed with my hapless heart
I am but your puppet tethered on strings
Happily played with me when time was right
Then hung me on the knob behind the door

I struggled often to set myself free
But this desiring heart would have no part
Silently I await for my next chance
Not knowing if that time shall ever be

What power do you have that keeps me bound
I get the feeling that you are Ludus
And I’m woefully wounded by Eros
Doomed to ever gather dust on this knob

But wait, I hear the sound of your sweet feet
My heart starts pounding with such living joy
Is this the day I have been waiting for
I go limp as the sound I hear no more