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Comforting Shore, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Comforting Shore

Breaking Waves, William Trost Richards (1899)

Comforting Shore

Palm trees with extended arms wave us on,
As if they are long lost friends we’re to meet.
Sandals in hand we dash across chiffon,
Feeling the welcomed warmth beneath our feet.

Throngs of seagulls welcome us to the shore,
As they fly by looking what is for lunch.
The high rolling waves yelling out their roar,
A gift of new shells they leave in a bunch.

Sun dipped offshore breezes apply calmness,
For the moment making woes go away.
Gladness is invoked as the day passes,
Smiles show we would have it no other way.

The sun and clouds create quite a display,
Sliding softly off the edge of the sea,
Signaling the sad ending of the day,
But the moon above says there’s more to be.

Winsome Gardner, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Winsome Gardner

Woman Drying Herself, Edgar Degas (c. 1894)

Winsome Gardener, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

From the look of thy dirty clothes and skin
Is apparent where thou have lately been
Toil not in thy garden plot forever
Even though it may provide great pleasure
Take to thy bath and quietly recline
Shall be joined with favorite glass of wine
Let thoughts flow ever slowly through thy mind
Leaving thy many aches and pains behind

Water hot, soft spa cloth upon thy face
Dream of flowers thy garden which they grace
Breathe in the essence of thy handmade soap
Knowing thy effort shall give others hope
Towel gives comfort to a tired body
Thinking of the long day finally done
Thee many holes dug and countless weeds pulled
Cannot remember last when had such fun


At the River’s Edge, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

At the River's EdgeThe Banks of the Seine at Argenteuil, Edouard Manet (1874)

At the River’s Edge

Need of an escape on this summer’s day
Seeking joy by the river relaxing
Far away from the tiring hectic quay
To lay upon the grass is not taxing

Bobbing boats responding to river’s call
Breeze makes countless ripples on the water
The sun places sequins upon them all
Water now appearing even brighter

Watching the many people come and go
Never to know what they’re seeking or feel
Noticing some alone and some with beau
The right place a quiet moment to steal

Dazzling blueness creates a peace inside
Providing venue your soul to renew
In this solemnness place you may decide
There’ll be an effort for a better you