Love Island, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Love Island

Love Island

If given but one wish
It is you I’d ravish
To an island we’d go
Where love would always flow

Our food comes from the sea
I’ll cook for you and me
You would have what you will
Until you’ve had your fill

We’ll watch the sun go down
From our bed on the ground
Made of cushioning moss
With covers spun of floss

In the dark we’ll embrace
With hearts running full pace
We’ll make love through the night
Collapsing at first light

Favorite Photograph, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Favorite Photograph2

Favorite Photograph

Decades past it was trimmed to perfect size
To fit comfortably in my wallet
Treated as if a very special prize
A memory that I’ll never forget

Its edges once scissor sharp are now frail
Its glossy face now looks like crackled glass
Causing loss of some of the fine detail
Without reducing any of its class

We were two young lovers glued at the lips
Together every moment that we could
Then unexpectedly came the eclipse
Life seldom moves the way we think it should

So long ago, those days when we were young
Under the moonlight, the love songs we sung

Missing Her, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Missing Her

Missing Her

Has been a fortnight since last together.
The emptiness I feel inflicts such pain.
There is no purpose to life without her.
My jumbled thoughts creating mental strain.

Foolishly thought composing a letter,
To her telling of how much she is missed.
The words did not make me any better,
Crushed thinking my lips needed to be kissed.

There can be no replacement for her touch.
The excitement transmitted by her kiss,
Or the calmness sent by her tender clutch.
These are but two of the feelings I miss.

How I long for her to be by my side,
It is she who makes me complete inside.

Backward Glance, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Backward Glance

Backward Glance,  Charles Edward Perugini (c. 1870)

Backward Glance

Of her I could not break my constant stare
Her beauty could drive a painter insane
A gentle beauty that none could compare
My laboring heart I could not constrain

Soon we were engaged, looking eye to eye
Such great power, that she could mesmerize
She floats toward me as if she could fly
Hoping something would materialize

She touched my hand showing to be real
Yet her voice was of an angelic sound
She’s capable of any heart to steal
Soon she left me with my feet off the ground

Suddenly she stops, giving a backward glance
A sure sign of a budding romance

Love is by Chance, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Love is by Chance

Love is by Chance

The sun slides silently upon the sea
Touching it with a kiss so tenderly
Yet causing great excitement in the sky
The clouds are blushing in orange and red
It is now time to put this day to bed

The sun now yields to the glow of the moon
Which creates a golden path to the shore
Calling me to a land of many dreams
My eyes get heavy as outward I look
This heart favoring dreams over a book

The path took me past the loves of my life
Seeing many joys each did bring to me
But like the sun of the day, each did end
For me is love to be ephemeral
While for some others it is eternal

If love be made of human emotions
Does a special combination exist
That pairs lovers for an eternity
Not so sure I would desire it to be
It would be fostering pre-destiny

The totality of life is a chance
With no guarantee there will be romance

Glass Filled with Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Glass filled with Love

Glass Filled with Love

Using a shot glass to taste her beauty!
So intoxicating it was for sure!
Got a cocktail glass, for I’m seeking more.
With fixated stare, filled it to the brim.
Temporary filling, but will it last?
Or become a memory of the past?
If I were to choose a much larger glass,
Surely to put me into a stupor,
But better yet is to hasten my pace,
And stand before her beauty face to face!

My Sunshine, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My Sunshine

My Sunshine

You who bring my daily light
Hide behind a veil of gray
My great love wants you to stay
But disrobe to shine ev’r bright

Be sure being missed last night
There were none to keep me warm
Felt if in a winter storm
Saddened when you leave my sight

Grieving much as you take flight
A coolness starts setting in
For this debate I shant win
You’re never to feel my plight