Suicide, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

SuicideLe Suicide, Edouard Manet (1877)


Is true to what I have really done
Desire to rid myself of misery
Lying here still bleeding holding a gun
In death thinking I’d be totally free

There is torture in the time that remains
Bed continues to hold her luscious scent
My sick heart shackled in her mighty chains
Absent her savage kiss I now lament

I’m afraid now to close these heavy eyes
In her full beauty she shall reappear
Knowing she is the devil in disguise
To guide me straight to hell is what I fear

It is love that caused the hellish nightmare
And life only comes with a one way fare

Woman in My Life, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Elizabeth_Jane_Gardner_-_After_the_engagement (c. 1882)
Elizabeth Jane Gardner, After the Engagement (c. 1882)

Woman in My Life, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

You’re the sunshine that greets me every day
Your soft smile puts one on my yawning face
Your eyes so bright a message they convey
Your lips many kisses on mine do place

Your first embrace steadies my wobbly feet
You are the sweetness in my morning cup
Your touch is the first I desire to meet
You are the one that makes my heart gallop

Your love gives to me such warming comfort
Your strength to pick me up when I am down
You give me special joy the way you flirt
You do all of this still in a nightgown

You are the one who truly made my life
Each morning I give thanks you are my wife


Game of Croquet, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

A_Game_of_Croquet_by_Winslow_Homer_1866A Game of Croquet, Winslow Homer (1866)

Game of Croquet, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

This day in May two ladies are to play,
Croquet, artful game of skill and daring.
Player strategies employed as they may,
Often what combatants are wagering.

On the field of gentle green are two friends,
Been that way since they can’t remember when.
If differences always made amends,
Even when it was a matter of men.

Today two hungry hearts enter the fray.
This vital match will allow tight croquet.
Fighting for his love only one will stay.
Now each sees the other as vicious prey.

Though daggers fly the match is very tight,
Then it happens, her ball flies out of sight.

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In Croquet the term “tight croquet” allows the foot to be placed on your ball so that whacking your opponent’s ball will send it into the bushes while yours remains in position. We can see below that the gentleman is setting up the ball so the lady in red can send the lady in blue into the woods so she alone can claim her trophy.







A Gust of Wind, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sargent JudithGautier_AGustofWind

A Gust of Wind, John Singer Sargent (1887)

A Gust of Wind, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

You stand against a cerulean sky.
Flying against you wishing I could stop.
Did you feel a kiss which I did apply?
An easy target standing on hilltop.

Is my solemn desire to have you stay.
To let me repeatedly come your way.
Next to make your summer hat go astray,
Your hair now free to touch it as I may.

Being with you is my greatest delight.
To whirl closely around you in my flight,
But will abstain for fear to cause you fright.
O to forev’r be with you is my plight.

For to ev’r stop I would fail to exist,
But would be happy for your lips I kissed.


Ephemeral Joy, a poem by Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Perugini Charles Edward -Ephemeral_joy (nd)Ephemeral Joy, Charles Edward Perugini (nd)

Ephemeral Joy, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Tell me, what words from my love do you bring?
Does he sing of me as I do of he?
O my heart does quicken when he does sing,
I pray that he shall come soonest to me.

Please stay while I wait for his arrival,
For my heart goes still if he is not near.
Our secret, do I have any rival?
That being this tender heart’s biggest fear.

Thinking of love keeps my mind so busy,
Often everyday chores never get done,
Simmering this heart shall not be my plea,
Instead be my wish this love to burgeon.

The power of love when two hearts collide,
A feeling no great’r to carry inside.


River of Light, a poem by Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Church Frederic_Edwin_Church_El_Rio_De_LuzEl Rio De Luz, Frederic Edwin Church (1887)

River of Light, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

Sun as broken through early morning mist.
Alone I sit at the river of light,
With an aching heart of how thou are missed.
Tears now flow freely for thou aren’t in sight.

Once again to be with thee if I might.
Feverish for thoughts of thy great beauty.
Emptiness of heart is a horrid plight.
Death be easy over mind so cloudy.

Into the dark river’s depth I will plunge.
Soon ripples will quietly disappear.
Memories that remain I will expunge,
Thus eliminating life’s biggest fear.

Without love, life provides no true essence.
Love provides the heart its luminescence.

Shy, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Shy, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1890)

Shy, Robert A Sieczkiewicz

My heart has captured an image of you,
From a distance such that you never knew.
Approaching closer to increase my view,
You vanished. In fault I failed to pursue.

Was searching for a diamond in the sand,
A love that ended before it began.
Still eager to follow my heart’s command,
Desirous to your heart my love remand.

If you be shy hasten not to take flight,
I will be gentle as a moon light night,
With letter of love to you that I write,
And bouquets of flowers placed in your sight.

To caress your softness under the stars,
For a love greater than Venus and Mars.