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A Friend

A Friend, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

On the quarry rock
For a treasure I do stalk
Pleasing to the eye
Must fit in my front pocket
Not much bigger than a nut
The noon sun shines bright
Twinkles seen as stars at night
Tiny quartz mirrors
Each calls for my attention
One will get my affection
Many I inspect
By their surface I reject
Must provide comfort
While I hold it in my hand
Long future for it is planned
I feel all alone
All I seek is but a stone
That will be my friend
One to always stay with me
No matter the place I’d be

An Opportunity, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

An Opportunity

An Opportunity

Behind the curtain of emerald green
Looked to be a path to the underworld
The biggest darkest cave I’ve ever seen
What I felt was anything but serene

At its threshold around me cool air swirled
Like a vacuum inviting me in
I’m wondering what is to be unfurled
My clammy skin feels as if it is knurled

Wondering what greets me beyond its door
Doubting if ample courage to explore
What if I were to be first to enter
My photo in local paper’s center

What if I were not to find a way out
And ‘Help! Help!’ were my final words to shout
An actual hero I’d never be
Just a line in the obituary

Beachcomber, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz



The bubbly foam of the wave disappears
Bring darting piping plover with their spears
Stabbing tasty creatures the size of sand
In moments every inch of the beach scanned
On tooth pick legs the birds scurry away
Unable to keep the giant at bay
This hunter coming with scoop and sand pail
Eyes affixed looking for the Holy Grail
No attention paid to sea gulls above
Only focused on what is in search of
The multicolored shells eyes disregard
There’s silence praying for a gift from God
For sure she isn’t in search of shining gold
Nor jeweled antiques of centuries old
It is ancestors’ trash that is desired
Floated way when its usefulness expired
The fiery sun battered her naked back
Tiring but determined to stay on track
Was it the heat that brought her to a knee
Or was it an answer to her dire plea
With surgeon’s hand she picked up the piece
Holding secure not wanting to release
Making offering to the blazing sun
Feeling grateful finding this special one
What is it that gives this small piece great worth
There must be something better on this earth
That provides a feeling that would surpass
The joy of finding a piece of sea glass