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Wedding Night, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz


Carolus-Duran, The Kiss (1868)

Wedding Night, Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

My aching heart quivers when you are near,
Feelings euphoric of such I nev’r knew.
There is a great passion for you. I fear
My love ev’r present is only for you.

Your lips of red velvet I ache to kiss.
That touch, electricity do I feel,
Sending me into a frenzy of bliss.
Undeniable, this heart you did steal.

Kiss me deep to touch my heart, kiss me strong,
For in your heart I forever belong.
Kiss me sweet as sweet can be, kiss me long,
so I can feel the tend’r touch of our song.

No sensation greater except for one,
To be felt b’fore this night of love is done.


Carolus-Duran did this self-portrait to celebrate his new marriage so I thought it fitting to write a poem about their fist night as husband and wife.


Il Bacio (The Kiss), a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Hayez_Francesco-The Kiss

Il Bacio (The Kiss), Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Stillness reminds them of present danger,
Togeth’r brings these lovers imminent death.
She cannot speak his name in her chamber,
As someone listens to her every breath.

The place to rendezvous is cold and bleak,
Not a single word is between them said.
Just being together is what they seek,
Knowing full well it will cost him his head.

So gently do they each other embrace,
Listening keen need he make his retreat.
Softly his hand is placed upon her face,
And their awaiting lips do lastly meet.

Although lovers be joined but ever short,
Their hearts being together both exhort.


This fantastic painting was done by Francesco Hayez in 1859.  It is an allegory.  The couple represents the new unified Italy and France.  The woman represents France, the reason for the blue dress.  The shimmer of the cloth is absolutely amazing.  If you look in the shadows on the left you can see a shadow of a person.  The warning is to be ever vigilant as there would be those who did not want the new country to succeed.   In my poem I attempt to keep with the intent of Hayez intact.