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Man and Woman, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Man and Woman

Oh let me look deeply into your eyes
So I can see the fullness of your soul
Will it match the happiness of your guise
Or is there darkness that’s taken control

To be without you is my greatest fear
Life to be an ocean of emptiness
My feelings for you not a mere veneer
For it is you who gives me completeness

Not my intent to be super selfish
It is you whom I wish the very best
Your internal strife I wish to banish
For your steady peace I shall never rest

It is my love for you that drives me so
Confide in me to help make your heart glow

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Droplets, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

DropletsDark Angel Tears, D. Sharon Pruitt (2010)


The sun sneaks through, the thinly covered trees,
Forming mosaics, on the carpet grass.
Wonder if they could be read like tea leaves,
Placed in a gigantic kaleidoscope,
As an aid for finding answers to life?

On my favorite outdoor glass table,
I scattered the morning’s bright diamond dew.
Vaporizing in nearly an instant.
With apple and knife in hands, I rested
On a bench marveling the choice I made

Saw alternative world under the glass
As a flattened two dimensional world
Behind the glass life was very fluid
Fidgeting with no apparent pattern
But signs similar to the world above

Droplets of moisture tend to congregate
Forming small moisture pools of countless shapes
With some unknown dynamic force these pools
Get larger, larger to a tipping point
Suddenly, part of it falls to the ground

Many pools let loose their vitality
Now life into the pools are diminished
Leaving droplets of diminutive size
Without much drama they all disappear
And I get back to my red ripe apple