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Understanding Minds, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Understanding Minds

Minds, incredible things inside our heads,
Able to respond with lightening speeds.
Plenty of space acting as storage sheds,
Sometimes apt to conjure up nasty deeds.

What goes on inside your mind I’m intrigued,
As you have ability to read mine.
To understand yours, my mind gets fatigued,
Asking if it’s a problem of design.

Why is it in a game of cat and mouse,
You easily capture, then you release.
What’s going on in your little playhouse.
Trying to find answers shall never cease.

Appears to be a possibility,
Of a woman’s superiority!

Sea Escape, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Sea Escape

Sea Escape

Frozen as a statute before the sea
No words pass your lips with eyes glazed over
Surely it is another place you were
Wishing again to fly there soon to be
For here appears you pay a penalty
Fettered to be just another ambler
Rather choosing to be something grander
It is your desire to be free of me?

Nay, see majestic seagulls in the air
Like them we can now escape to freedom
Just you and I as a happy twosome
It is with you my life I wish to share
Loss of you I am not willing to bear
Minus your love what would my life become?