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Lovers by a Fountain

Lovers by a Fountain, Modesto Faustini (not dated)

Water runs quickly into the fountain
But not as fast as my red rushing blood
That is more scorching than the noon day sun.
To you my hungry heart I have ceded.
You have come for water to quench your thirst.
Yet I seek you to extinguish this fire
By having my love totally immersed
For water hasn’t power over desire.
Let me carry your water to the shade
Of the tree to soon drink of each other.
For I beg that our love not be delayed
As my body would be a disaster.
Please do not treat my feelings as a game.
Weakening am I from this torrid flame.

Psyche in the Temple of Love, a poem by Robert A. Sieczkiewicz

Psyche in the Temple of Love

Our lips first touched secretly in the grove
Its taste was that of the honeysuckle
Together our young unskilled hearts we wove
A tender spring love was born in April

There is a great fear now that it is May
Since that sunny day his eyes I’ve not seen
Has he forgot promises on that day
That not another heart shall come between

Coaxing the butterfly to seek him out
The agony in my heart he must know
My love for him there is not any doubt
The fire in my heart can melt winter’s snow

Here praying that I’m not a childish fool
Being in love can be mean and cruel

Image credit:

Edward John Poynter, Psyche in the Temple of Love (1882)